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Dr. Richard Metz’s Concierge Internal Medicine Program offers Los Angeles, California patients with a personalized 24/7 healthcare solution. Dr. Metz understands that health problems can arise at any time. The 24/7 access offered through the program is a secure and convenient way to address healthcare needs and answer questions at any time. It is like having your own private doctor on call.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is the Concierge Internal Medicine Program?

The Concierge Internal Medicine Program is designed to provide convenient, secure and compassionate care whenever it's needed. Patients don't even have to leave their home to get in touch with Dr. Metz, because the doctor is always in: Members of the Concierge Internal Medicine Program receive access to Dr. Metz through his cell phone, home phone, personal email address, and VIP office line around the clock. This enhanced access to services is especially helpful and provides extra security for patients who are ill or have chronic medical problems.

If needed, Dr. Metz can even make home visits for improved patient convenience and comfort. Prompt, same day office appointments are also available. Members utilizing the medical program spend less time waiting for their appointments and more time receiving the care they need. Concierge program members also enjoy the convenience of validated parking when visiting his office.

Dr. Metz also provides extended wellness exam appointment times for Concierge members to ensure that each patient gets everything they need. Dr. Metz provides personalized nutrition and exercise counseling to each and every member. That, in conjunction with annual preventive exams, provides the most complete form of care possible.

Concierge program patients receive a full executive-style annual physical examination with a comprehensive review of their health history, along with a variety of ancillary tests, conveniently performed on-site. These tests include:

  • Complete laboratory studies
  • Radiology - Chest X-ray, ultrasound
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Stress level testing
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Body fat analysis

Dr. Metz wants each patient to have a full understanding of their health and wellness. Better health education helps patients achieve improved health, and Dr. Metz is there to help with that each step of the way.

What other benefits exist as a Concierge Internal Medicine Program member?

The biggest benefit of the Concierge Program is peace of mind. For any patient who's a member, the doctor is always just a phone call or email away, 24/7.

With Dr. Metz’s preventive care, patients can live healthier and happier with their family and loved ones; the Richard Metz concierge medical program is available for all members of the family.

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