Coordination Of Care Specialist

Richard J. Metz, MD, FACP

Concierge Internal Medicine located in Los Angeles, CA

Coordination between the primary care physician, specialists and caregivers is essential for proper medical care. After a lifetime in the medical profession, Dr. Richard Metz has assembled a network of highly qualified, well respected healthcare specialists to provide referrals to his patients when needed. Los Angeles, California area patients can count on Dr. Metz to help with all aspects of their healthcare. As the head physician of the team, he will lead the team and coordinate between the multiple specialists, patients, and their families to ensure the best outcomes.

Coordination of Care Q & A

What is coordinated care?

Coordinated care is the process of using every resource available to provide the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for current and future care. Dr. Metz taps into each and every corner of the healthcare field -- from cardiologists to podiatrists -- to bring his patients premier physicians for diagnosis and treatment. Patients can trust Dr. Metz to refer them to the experts that will best meet their health needs.

How involved is Dr. Metz in coordinated care?

If Dr. Metz refers a patient to one of his trusted colleagues, it’s because he knows they’ll benefit from that doctor's care. Dr. Metz continues to be very involved in all aspects of his patient’s care by working closely with the specialist. He ensures all examinations, diagnoses, and treatments are done satisfactorily and in a way that most benefits the patient. Dr. Metz educates the specialist on every aspect of the patient's condition and helps the patient by explaining all procedures, treatments, and tests. By coordinating his network of healthcare professionals, Dr. Metz can help to promote optimal outcomes for his patients.

Specialist referrals mean more than simply sending the patient to a different doctor. Everything including specialists, hospitals, screening tests, and diagnostic centers are considered where the patient’s health is concerned. Piece by piece, each measurement helps paint a picture of the patient's total health and wellness.

Why would Dr. Metz refer a patient to another physician?

Being a medical professional for over 30 years, Dr. Metz is familiar with a wide range of diseases and conditions. When a patient has health needs that fall outside his area of expertise or requires additional opinions. Dr. Metz will refer them to a highly competent doctor who specializes in addressing those conditions. It’s this type of comprehensive coordinated care that has earned Dr. Metz such a respected and successful career in medicine.

Patients in the Los Angeles area can arrange an appointment with Dr. Metz for tailored, one-on-one, enhanced concierge medical care to ensure good health now and in the future.