Men's Health Specialist

Richard J. Metz, MD, FACP

Concierge Internal Medicine located in Los Angeles, CA

Men’s health may be an afterthought during a patient's young adult years, but this changes with age. It’s more important than ever as men enter middle to old age to be aware of all potential health threats and practice preventive care. Dr. Richard Metz is an expert in preventive care and can help men in the Los Angeles, California area maintain optimal health as their bodies change. Some areas of focus include prostate cancer screening and erectile or sexual function.

Men's Health Q & A

What are some ways that Dr. Metz can help men?

Dr. Metz believes prevention is the key to a long and healthy life. For men, that involves taking steps to screen for male-specific health conditions that may cause complications when left undetected.

Dr. Metz provides a full prostate cancer screening procedure along with a complete physical examination. Prostate cancer may develop among men over 40 years of age and grows more commonplace as they continue aging.

Another male-specific illness is erectile dysfunction. While this may be an embarrassing topic for most men to discuss, Dr. Metz is a here to provide discretionary and sympathetic help, along with highly effective treatment options. Erectile dysfunction can also be a symptom of other health complications, such as clogged blood vessels.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

In most cases, erectile dysfunction can be resolved with further understanding of the root of the problem. Solutions can include:

  • Introducing a diet and exercise regimen
  • Losing excess weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Reducing alcohol consumption
  • Leading a healthier lifestyle overall

All of these measures can help alleviate erectile dysfunction. Oral medications, such as Viagra or Cialis, are also available in conjunction with these lifestyle changes. When low testosterone is the reason for erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement therapy can also be an effective treatment.

What is hormonal screening?

Testosterone is a man’s main sex hormone. It also produces secondary male sexual characteristics such as broad shoulders, larger muscles, and facial hair. It is important for not only sexual function but to maintain muscle mass, strength, and strong bones. Hormonal screening is a way for Dr. Metz to determine the level of testosterone the patient is producing. Testosterone screening can also uncover genetic diseases, tumors, and more.

How can exercise and nutrition aid in men’s health?

Various health conditions such as obesity can be treated using a nutrition plan and regular exercise. Dr. Metz has extensive knowledge of nutrition’s various aspects and can help patients eat for a healthier life. By understanding what foods to consume and which ones to avoid, patients can reap significant benefits.

Dr. Metz can also help design an exercise program that’s tailored for the patient's personal circumstances. When patients need support or feedback, Dr. Metz is there to provide encouragement and counseling at any time 24/7 through his concierge program. Contact Dr. Metz for a full men’s health analysis today.